Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Nationals Finals 2016 - Hatfield

Nationals Finals 2016 - Hatfield
 Images all taken over the three days of the 2016 Nationals at Hatfield.

Ladies Singles Winner - Tin Tin Ho
Tin Tin Ho
Tin Tin Ho
England Leopards !  The team that won Bronze Medal at the team World Championships.
Paul Drinkhall, Liam Pitchford, Sam Walker and coach Alan Cooke.
Womens Semi Final - Kelly Sibley vs Hannah Hicks

 Kelly Sibley
Kelly Sibley
Paul Drinkhall
Paul Drinkhall and Liam Pitchford celebrate winning the Men`s doubles.
Sam Walker
Tin Tin Ho receives coaching from her father at the end of the third set
 Kelly Sibley
Emma Vickers
Nicko Anderson
Checking the height of the net
Men`s Singles final - Paul Drinkhall against Sam Walker
Liam Pitchford loops during the men`s doubles final
Liam Mctiernan
Jane Campbell
Jack Hunter Spivey
Liam Pitchford
Lorestas  Trumpauskas  serving to Matt Ware
Gavin Evans and Tom Jarvis
Gavin Evans
Gavin Evans coaching Tom Jarvis

 Craig Bryant
Craig Bryant
Craig Bryant and Emma Tovey
Emma Tovey
Craig Bryant coaching Emma Tovey
Emma Tovey and Craig Bryant
Lorestas Trumpauskas and Craig Bryant
Hannah Hicks celebrates
Stretching !

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